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Safety Topics:


Safety Tips 

Schedule A Fall Tune-Up Today For Your Generator with our Service and Repair Department.

Here are some other tips to keep your Subaru Generator POWERED UP!

1 - Never operate indoors or even a partially enclosed space. this is a dangerous mistake, as it can lead to deadly carbon monoxide poisoning.

2 - Check the oil before every use.  When colder temperatures are on the horizon, the oil must be changed to the appropriate viscosity.  Regular oil changes will keep the engine going.

3 - Checking the fuel level is also a daily, pre-operation practice, and especially important during cold weather operation because of condensation build-up in the fuel tank.  Condensation can cause engine problems so make sure the fuel tank is full.

4 – Take the time now to check the air filters.  Filters should be cleaned about every 100 hours or so and changed on a monthly basis.

5 - conduct a seasonal inspection of the spark plugs.  Check that they’re clean and free of dirt, carbon build-up or damage.